Best Stair Lift Manufacturers – Stair Lift Review Guide

Stair Lifts – Helping People Help Themselves

Stair lifts – helping people help themselves. That used to be the slogan for the company who originally manufacture stair lifts from the 1930′s till 1992. Stair lifts are also known as stairchairs, stairlift elevators, lift for stairs, stairway lifts, and chair lift.

For most of us, simply climbing and descending the stairs in our home is something we take for granted. We give little or no thought at all to the endless trips we make up and down on a daily basis. But for those for whom the stairs are a physical challenge, the prospect of walking up or down must be approached with caution and considerable thought. Subsequently, in the event of a decline in physical fitness due to illness, injury, or age, or physically handicap, stairlifts can make getting up and down your stairs much easier.

Stairlifts are comprised seat and a footrest, and (in most cases) arm rests, that allows users to easily sit down. With one simple touch of a control, the seat travels up or down the stairs along a track. No matter what the brand name of the stair lift, the rail attaches directly to the tread of the stairs and not to the wall. The only exception to this is special designed lifts that are used to carry wheel chairs and power scooters up and down stairways. These are almost always attached to the wall, or on special made post.

There are all different makes, models and costs of stair lifts available on the market . On most stair lifts, the seat will swivel. They also have controls directly on the chair to move it up or down the stairs. Usually they will also have either wall mounted call/send controls, or wireless call/send controls to allow the stair lift to go up or down, so the user will always have access to it.

Some stairway lifts are designed to be used only on indoor straight stairs, while others can be order to accommodate curves, spirals, intermediate landings, outside areas. There are some special order stair lifts that feature unque features such as hinge rail (used in case of a doorway or walk way) sliding rails, power swivel, power fold foot rest, and many other features.

The stair lifts manufacture these days will have many safety features. They will have sensors on the footrest so that if something (or someone) is in the path of the stair lift, the sensor will activate, stopping the stair lift. For instant, if the rider has a walking cane, and the cane slip off the foot rest and gets between the stairs and the footrest, the sensor will activate, stopping the stair lift till the cane can be removed.

Also on many stair lifts, there are addition sensors on the covers, and other areas. On the stair lifts with hinged rails, quite often there are sensors that will not let the stair lift move in the down direction till the rail is in the down position.

Even though stair lifts look like they are simple devices and easy to install, in most cases, manufactures prefer to sell the stair lifts through authorized dealers or distributors who have been factory trained to install, service and repair what they sell. Also, in some states, permits are required, which means the stair lift has to be installed by a state certified mechanic and then has to be inspected by a inspector – in most cases stair lifts falls under elevator permits and the inspector is a elevator inspector.

There are as many different brand names and models of stair lifts as there are cars, and even though they operate in similer ways, on each model and make, they use different rails. Some rails are aluminum, some are steel. Occasionally you will find some of the older stair lifts still in operation with wooden rails, but most of these are pretty obsolete.

As for me, I have installed and service just about every name brand of stair lifts manufacture. I am a direct dealer and install for many of the brand name stair lifts, as well as handicap lifts, and elevators. I also sell and install used and reconditioned stair lifts. Of course, like everything else, there are some brand names I am not familiar with, but if you want to know about something that I have not wrote about, please send me email and I will try my best to show you everything about it. I have friends all across the USA that also sell and install stair lifts, so between us, I am sure we can bring you information on just about any stair lift.