Hurricane Water Damage Services – Water Damage Repair Guide

Until about five years ago, hurricane water damage repair was somewhat of a taboo subject.  Even those living on the United States coastlines had never thought of hurricanes being too much of a threat.  But starting around the fall of 2004 during the Florida hurricanes of Charley, Jeanne, Frances, and Ivan, people were rudely awakened. From then on hurricanes have become an almost yearly event, most recently hearing about the extensive damage that Hurricane Katrina did to our Southern coastal states.  While the only real prevention of hurricane damage is to not live on the coast, there are still some things you can do.  Be sure that you have a flood plan and that your home is secured.  Make sure your roof is sturdy and your foundation does not have cracks in it.  Also financially be sure that you qualify for flood insurance, and could afford to repair damages that could possible happen in a hurricane situation.

Once again, even with the best prevention methods, hurricanes can still do some mighty damage on your home.  It is important to note that whether you attempt to repair it yourself, or hire out a professional, you mus begin removing the damage with 24-48 hours.  Otherwise dangerous mold will begin to grow and this can affect the air you breathe as well as your belongings.  If there is mold in the air it can cause serious health problems and allergic reactions.

Even though some hurricanes can cause incredible damage and rip your home from its foundations, most hurricane water damage repair comes from flooding.  Extended and raised water levels can cause leaks in the roof, or flood basements and brings its own set of water damage repair hazards.  Attempt to keep the carpet dry and move expensive furniture or appliances to higher ground to salvage what you can.  If there is extensive flooding, you may need to replace wood, carpet, and walls.  In a case such as this it is advised that you seek out the help of a professional.  Water and mold damage can be a serious issue and should not be taken lightly.  Experts can detect areas where mold may grow and will give you expert advice on how to best go about taking care of it.

Despite the damage that is done, try your best to keep a good attitude.  A positive attitude can do wonders in helping you get your home and property back into ship shape.  Prevention methods are probably the most important principles you can apply so as to minimize problems when the hurricanes occur.  Otherwise make sure you know your flood plan and research water damage repair companies so that you have a go to contact when an emergency occurs.