5 Tips When Buying Your Big Dog Ride on Mower

The cold season is back. Along with it comes the rains. The rains endorse your lawn to grow. It may be a good time to go shopping for a perfect lawnmower. Well, there are a number of brands that manufacture various lawn mowers. As we know, lawn mowers differ. They are different in size, type, speed, engine capacity and also model.

Well, the best mower for easy and fun mowing of your lawn is the Big Dog Ride on Mower. If you are considering making such a purchase, then here are a sprinkling of ideas and tips for purchasing the perfect mower.

Perfect model for your court

The first and foremost consideration that should be considered is if the model in question is fit for your lawn. Yards differ. Some may be flat while others are slopey or inclined. Some may be clear while others may be full of obstacles such as trees and bushes.

All these should be taken into consideration in the purchase of a ride on mower. Ask yourself questions that are relevant to the same. Questions you need answers for are: Can this mower maintain stability under this inclination? Can this model manoeuvre easily around my kind-of yard? Answering such questions will ensure that you purchase the perfect model for your lawn.


Another factor that should be factored into consideration when purchasing a Big Dog Ride on mower is the speed of the mower.

A principle that should help you decide on the speed of the mower is the size of the area that the mower will be used on. The speed of the mower should be equally proportional to the size of the arena to be mowed. Big fields like a football pitch or an event arena need mowers that can attain high speeds. Mowers with moderate speeds should be perfect for a small field like the backyard of a home.

Engine capacity and power

Another key principle that should be considered when purchasing a lawn mower is the engine capacity. The engine consumption should be relatively proportional to the power generated by the engine. You should corroborate that the engine capacity is germane for your property’s size.

Another factor to be considered is the engine’s cooling system. The engine should be fitted with a proper cooling system. It should also have an oil-filtering system that will ensure the engine system remains clean. All these factors, when taken into consideration, should ensure that the engine lasts for a very long time.

Apt cutter deck size

Bid Dog Ride on mowers are made with different cutter deck sizes. The sizes vary depending on the clients’ specifications. The size and width of the cutter deck define the size of the path that the mower will have worked on, in a single pass. Bigger property sizes require bigger cutter decks and blades. Also, smaller lawns require smaller cutter decks and blades.

Maintenance schedule

Consistent tune-ups and upkeep of the mowers ensure that they remain healthy. Factors such as dirt and debris culminate in a short lifespan for the lawnmower. Consider purchasing a mower fitted with dirt directorate systems. This will help the mowers to last longer with minimal servicing.

If all the above factors are taken into consideration when purchasing a Big Dog Ride on Mower, it is a guarantee that you will buy the perfect mower for your piece of property. Remember that quality matters.