What Are The Best Home Renovations For Seniors?

Many seniors have the desire to remain at home for as long as possible as they age. Fortunately, thanks to home renovations, this is a reality for many who might otherwise have to enter assisted living or a nursing home. Additionally, renovating a current home is usually much cheaper than moving into assisted living. So, what are the best home renovations for seniors? Keep reading to find out:

Doorway Widening

Many seniors rely on wheelchairs, canes, or other mobility devices, such as walkers. However, when using these, they might need wider doorways.

Experts recommend widening the doors in the home to a minimum of 32 inches wide. This helps to accommodate any mobility device.

Replace Slippery Floors

If you are a senior, or you care about a senior, take a look at the floors in the home. Are they slippery? Materials such as wood or stone/tile can get slippery, especially when wet. So, it’s recommended that seniors install flooring material that is less slippery, such as vinyl, carpet, or laminate. Also look for uneven floors, which might create a fall hazard.

Install Easier to Grip Knobs

It’s also a good idea to install easier to grip knobs in a senior home. Many seniors have issues with their hands, such as arthritis, and they might not be able to grip as well as they used to. Replace small drawer knobs and pulls with larger ones. Replace doorknobs with levers. Those are often easier to grip than traditional door knobs.

Put Grab Bars in the Bathroom

The bathroom can be very dangerous for an elderly person. They might fall or be unable to get out of the bathtub. Installing grab bars around the bathtub, in the shower, and even near the toilet is a good way to help seniors who have trouble with mobility. Speaking of the toilet, it can also help to install a raised seat or even a taller bowl.

Create a Ramp or Install a Motorized Stair Climber

Stairs in a home can be a real challenge for the elderly. So, consider installing ramps or motorized stair climbers. A ramp is necessary for those who are wheelchair bound, and they are easier for many people to walk up as an alternative to stairs. A motorized stair climber is an investment, but it is an excellent way to give a senior with mobility issues more freedom in their own home.

These are some of the best home renovations for seniors. To learn more, speak to an elder care professional in your area