Karcher Pressure Washer Guide | Best Pressure Washer Reviews 2018

Karcher Pressure Washers Reviewed

Karcher Pressure Washers make affordable, durable and user-friendly pressure washers. Their line provides selections of washers that work for any cleaning task whether it is cleaning off a patio, outdoor furniture or other exterior surfaces.

Real users of the products offer insight into just how well these affordable power washers hold up. For the price, they are a great option for home use. There are users who have plenty of experience using different pressure washers. Karcher is a popular maker of these items because they have been doing it for many years. There are different sizes and one in particular that works well is the K5. Amazon reviewers state it has 2000 PSI which pumps out over a gallon of water a minute. It’s not the most powerful but it is easy to put together. You can get started using it in about half an hour.

The high-pressure hose is one part that can be hard to put together, but once done it leaves you with a really nice looking pressure washer. The K5 is not very loud so you will not disturb neighbors when you use it. It works for cleaning your car, a deck and even siding. Just do not use it for commercial jobs. This one is meant for home use without a doubt.

One problem some people have is the machine will work well one season but after storing it away for a year, it does not work well at all. What you should know is that if you have any problem with the machine even after the warranty the manufacturer is ready to help you. Just call them and they will walk you through getting the correct replacement part.

The hose can get clogged with dirt. It should be checked before contacting the manufacturer or returning the item to the company.  The machines range from about $150 to under $300. For this reason, you should understand that they do not work perhaps as well as commercial products which cost twice as much. Still, the manufacturer is committed to giving you the excellent service you expect. They will help you if you have any issues with the machine you buy. Just look up best Karcher pressure washer reviews to get your own idea of the suitability of the product.

Most all reviewers have pleasant things to report. The machines work great for cleaning your outdoor areas thoroughly. They are convenient to have on hand to prep your home for painting or for entertaining. They are portable and easy to store.