Popular Styles Of uPVC Conservatories To Choose From

A conservatory is an asset to any home, providing a light, airy space that your family naturally wants to enjoy throughout the year.

There are many types of uPVC conservatories that you can find. The best part about these buildings is they’re not just for people who want to grow plants and eat fresh vegetables, but also provide an amazing place where we can relax outside with a controlled heat source from the sun!

Some characteristics of the style include the steep pitched roof style and use of ornate and finials along the ridge of the roof and they also have facets that can be 3 or a choice of 5 according to ones preference.

Lean To

A traditional style of conservatory is the lean-to, which has a much more basic appearance to it. These types are very flexible in design and can be cheaply made; they’re also ideal for houses with low eaves due to their attachment at one wall only.


The lantern style of conservatory is perfect for large spaces. This type has two levels, with the lower sections being separated by windows and doors that can be opened up to provide access during warmer months or closed off completely depending on how much light you want inside at night time.

There are also gable fronted conservatories which have their front elevations imposing and its windows going all the way up to the apex of the roof. These types are common and go well with older styled properties and not the modern styles of houses.

Edwardian Conservatory

The Edwardian Conservatory is one of the most popular styles for a contemporary home. The roofline slopes backwards to create an organic and natural architectural design that fits well with any style, from modern to traditional! Edwardian Conservatories are a great way to add the extra space that architects crave. The design of these buildings features an elegant, yet modern style which can work in harmony with most styles and designs for houses today.

The Edwardian Conservatory is a style of building that was popular in Britain before the 20th century. It’s square or rectangular design offers more space than other uPVC buildings and it has been said this particular model used to be known as an interpretation or replica for what would have formerly been called a regal-style house back then.

Victorian style Conservatory

The Victorian style of conservatory is a beautiful, yet practical design. They are similar to the more modern designs in that they have flat fronts and an ornate cresting or finials but there are still some key differences between them; most notably how this type has been inspired by Gothic architecture with its pointed arches and spires atop steeply sloped roofs line up perfectly against those same features on our current homes’ exteriors

A wide range of people would enjoy living within one such building due largely because it’s prominently domineering while also being wholly aesthetically pleasing at first glance. They are also very adaptable since they can be design to suit bespoke and even a combination of other conservatory designs. For large or smaller gardens, Victoria Conservatories create the perfect conservatory designs.